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The Reason Why You Should Buy Launch X-431 PAD VII

In the market for a high-end diagnostic tool?

The Launch X-431 PAD VII is packed with fantastic features and features aimed at the professional auto technician. From ADAS calibration to 32 service functions and more, the PAD VII is a complete diagnostic solution.

Let’s take a detailed look at what the device has to offer and is it really worth the hype.

Reason 1: Powerful hardware

The PAD VII is a powerful device because it has solid specifications enough to do anything you throw at it. The following table shows the hardware specifications for this diagnostic tool.

Screen13.3-inch IPS touchscreen display
Screen Resolution1920×1080
Processor2.0 GHz Octa-core
Operating SystemAndroid 9.0
CameraFront 8MP, Rear 13MP
Battery19,000 mAh
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Smart Link C

The Launch PAD VII has impressive hardware. With a 13.3 inch IPS touchscreen display with a 1920×1080 resolution, the device sits at the high-end of the diagnostic market. The scan tool comes with a 2.0 GHz Octa-core processor backed by 8GB of RAM, specs auto technicians would love to hear.

The operating system also complements the processing hardware. Running on Android 9.0, the device is capable of seamless and fast performance. It provides a fantastic user experience making diagnostics more user-friendly.

The OBD2 scanner comes with ample storage. Featuring a 256GB internal memory, it can simultaneously record data while you perform features and functions. The storage space is more than enough, even for an intense user like me.

What bugs many auto professionals is the small battery packs in scan tools. However, the PAD VII packs 19,000 mAh of power, enough to last you through your busy day at the garage and then more.

The device features two cameras, a front 8 MP and a rear 13 MP help users take pictures to share them with their auto technician circle for troubleshooting help if need be. It comes with a Smart Link device that connects to any vehicle’s OBD2 port and allows auto technicians to help their customers with troubleshooting remotely using the internet.

Reason 2: Supports dozens of advanced features

Besides the advanced hardware, the Launch PAD VII comes packed with all the features you would expect a high-end device to have. Check the table below to see what the device has to offer.

Full system diagnosticsAccess to all vehicle modules and capable of 10 basic modes
Reset functionsBrake, TPMS, oil, and SAS reset, ABS bleeding, immobilizer, and more
Bidirectional controlSupports EGR test, EVAP test, pump and valve test, and more

Full system diagnostics

The scan tool is capable of full system diagnostics. It can tap into all modules of the vehicle and read and erase fault codes. Besides DTCs, the device can perform all ten basic modes such as:

* Live data and graphical representation
* Freeze frame
* I/M readiness
* And more

The topology mapping is a great feature that summarizes the diagnostic results and any system malfunctions in a visual image of the car allowing for a holistic view.

The device is also capable of remote diagnostics. Auto technicians can better serve their customers remotely (at other garages) using the Smart Link C. Technicians can send and receive messages to each other using PAD VII. It helps save time and increases work efficiency.

Besides the in-built diagnostic capabilities, users can purchase apps from their new online “mall” store and expand their range of functions or update them. You can even have the ADAS calibration feature by downloading it from the online store but for that, you would need to buy a separate calibration device from the manufacturer.
Reset functions

Replacing components and parts in a vehicle requires a quick system reset for efficient usage and the Launch PAD VII is capable of doing just that. The device can perform 32 different advanced service functions that include:

* Service lamp reset
* Brake reset
* Battery reset
* SAS reset
* TPMS reset
* ABS bleeding
* And many more

Bidirectional control, programming, coding

The Launch PAD VII is capable of advanced online coding and programming functions. Users don’t need to do physical code inputs on the device but tap on the many different available online coding.

The diagnostic tool has bidirectional control for cars and commercial vehicles allowing users to conduct the following actuation tests:

* EGR test
* Pump and valve test
* Acceleration device test
* Compression test
* Cylinder balance test
* And more

The vehicle has superb compatibility and can run on over 110 different car brands across Australian, Asian, European, USA, and the Chinese market.

Reason 3: The best version of the X-431 Pad series

The Launch PAD VIII is considered the most advanced of the X-431 series and ranks above the PAD V and PAD III v2.0 when it comes to hardware and functionalities.

Check the comparison table below to see how the PAD VII compares against its predecessors.

DescriptionPAD III v2.0PAD VPAD VII
Display/Resolution10.1-inch IPS 1900×120010.1-inch IPS 1900×120013.3-inch IPS 1920×1080
处理器 2.0 GHz 八核 2.0 GHz 八核 2.0 GHz 八核
内存 2GB 4GB 8GB
贮存 64GB 64GB 256GB
电池 15,000 毫安时 9,360 毫安时 19,000 毫安时

诊断功能 全系统诊断和OBD2全功能 完整的系统诊断和 OBD2 功能 完整的系统诊断和 OBD2 功能
高级功能 双向控制、高级编码和编程 双向控制、高级编码和编程 双向控制、高级编码和编程
Smart Link 远程诊断 是的
服务功能 具备刹车、油、SAS复位等21种服务功能 具有 26 种服务功能,包括窗口校准、A/F 重置等 具备ACC校准、GPF再生等32种服务功能

尽管所有三款设备都具有相似的芯片组,但 PAD VII 凭借其 8GB RAM 提供惊人的性能。 更大的 13.3 英寸 屏幕、更大的 19,000 mAh 电池组和 256GB 的巨大存储空间 就硬件而言,这是三者中最好的扫描工具。

在功能方面,PAD VII 提供了所有 其他两个设备的能力和更多。 你会得到一个完整的系统 诊断、OBD2全功能、双向控制、先进 编码还可以访问智能链接远程诊断 其他两个没有。

在服务功能方面,PAD VII 再次表现出色 提供32项服务功能,涵盖刹车、油、油等基本需求 SAS 复位到高压电池健康检测、旋转角度 传感器校准、GPF 再生等等。 PAD VII也来了 使用 ADAS 校准,但您需要一个校准设备才能 工作。

PAD VII 是 Launch X431 中最好的诊断工具,能够 执行您所有的日常诊断任务,并且没有任何问题。


过去的发布已经制造了一些非常重要的设备,但是 PAD VII 配备最新芯片组、大屏幕、更大 电池、出色的 RAM 和数天的存储空间。

值得投资吗? 作为一名汽车技师,我一直在寻找 帮助我更好地为客户和 PAD VII 服务的最佳设备 就是这样。 远程诊断有助于与其他技术人员联系 并节省时间,同时出色的兼容性是一个坚实的优势。

GM TCM Programming with New Techline Connect SPS2 and J2534

GM recently have replaced the SPS for the SPS2. The website is the same. You just have to buy your subscriptions basically on if you have the subscription already.

Today we have a 2012 Chevy Silverado with a 5.3 engine. We’re going to do a transmission control module programming with the new gm system- SP2.

Let’s get started.

Go to ACDelco.com

once you put your subscription you go to review- Admin

the system is a little bit slower than the other one

so if you have not downloaded the Techline Connect yet

you will have to download it from here

Now the gm changes system basically they came out with the software called Techline Connect

It has the gm software gds2 and it has a sps programming in it together so basically if you paid a subscription off about $3900 and change almost $3900 or almost $4000 you can have the whole year of gds (global diagnostic system) and also the sps system

but sp system you still have to pay 40 dollars for each vehicle that you’re trying to program.

but it’s all in one system now and you will see it so mine is already downloaded it’s not a hard situation i mean it’s not a hard case if you guys know how to download programs

that’s very simple you just have to make sure your firewall and windows diff windows defender and any type of antivirus is all deactivated.

i’m just going to go Launch Techline Connect

By the way this car they changed the transmission they put a rebuild transmission in it

but the computer inside the transmission control module is brand new from the dealer

first i just hit SPS2 and then press Connect Vehicle

and then from here we’re going to select for passthru device

Here we select (Autel IM608) MaxiFlash JVCI j2534 (you can use other J2534 adapters, Maxiflash VCI, VCMII, MDI, MDI2, VXDIAG VCX NANO for GM, VCM3 etc)

Press continue

all right so it’s gonna try to communicate with the vehicle

so we’re gonna do “Replace and reprogram”

that’s what the new interface looks like. this actually looks pretty decent

when you go to dashboard you can switch over to the gds

but we’re just going to be using sps2

right now so i’m going to hit the Replace and reprogram

i’m going to hit next

the prompts are the same it just a little bit look a little bit different looks a lot more modernized like the old one

we’re gonna find the transition control module right here

press next

is checking how many vin slots i have in the acdelco tds.com

this is my last one so

yes it will take one of my slots right now

it’s basically locking my subscription to this vin number at the moment

just reading the information went up

the cluster started making some noises, some beeps warnings chimes

okay here we go

as you see current calibration unrecognized calibration because this module is empty right now

we’re gonna go ahead and hit next

before we should put our own battery maintainer to the vehicle

Press next

address counter among addresses the customers complained of two to three

called upshift players i guess is the new software there was a software update

on this thing from the original software itself transmission diagnostic and system

so go ahead next

you can read pre-programming guide carefully

it’s saying basically something doesn’t work after the after the programming just don’t replace it just

you can just cycle the battery you turn off and then on but you should be back to normal again

look next

confirm ECU is replaced

it’s going to download the software

the calibration file has been already downloaded and right now it’s going to start writing the

new calibration file into the transmission control module

started programming the transition control module until completed.

i just see the traction light just went out

the transmission being programmed successfully there’s no problem with it

Press later it’ basically telling me that my vin slots have been changed because i had only one left

before now i have zero i have to buy more

turn off the ignition for 30 seconds

Hit clear DTC’s

clear all DTCs

and then after 30 seconds we can react to vehicles start the vehicle see if actually the transmission is shifting and then go for a test drive

let’s see if the lights are on

so it looks like it did the job correctly

there’s no issues

Hope this will help somebody out.

How to Update MB SD Connect C4 Firmware

If you had “00” icon and “Initialization of diagnosis multiplexer failed” problem when using the MB SD Connect C4 multiplexer, you need a sd c4 firmware update.

Follow steps below to update C4 firmware:

Run an sd connect c4 firmware update:

Go to C:\Program Files\Mercedes-Benz\SDConnect Toolkit, change update_automaticx, update_manualx and update_specicalx 3 files to update_automatic, update_manual and update_specical (delete the x letter).

Go to C:\Program Files\Softing\Diagnostic Tool Set 8\8.03\Interfaces\DCDI_DPduApi\eCOM_Toolkit, change update_automaticx, update_manualxand update_specicalx files to update_automatic, update_manual and update_specical (delete the x letter)

Restart computer update change the files’ name.

Install 6 AA batteries to SD C4/SD C5 main unit (* SD C4 Item No. SP100-E does not require battery installation)

Connect OBD main cable with vehicle with 12V adapter.

Right click on lower right corner of the computer and select Administrator, then choose Software Update

Update 01_Bootimage_2_3.zip, 02_CSD_2_10.zip and 03_PmPic29_Cpld13.zip three files one by one until succeed.

注意:更新过程也适用于 SD Connect C5 克隆。

Launch X431 PAD 7 configuration online programming function

Operation steps of Launch X431 PAD 7 configuration online programming function:

Go to options:
Other—Equipment—File Management—-cnlaunch folder—-X431PADV—assets directory, find the file named StdCfg.ini.

Open StdCfg.ini with a text editor and click the edit button on the upper right to make the file editable.
Find the two fields “OnlineFlash” and “Flash”, their default value is 0, which means that the diagnostic software does not support online programming.

Change these two values to 1, and then save. After the save is successful, the corresponding value will become 1, as shown in the circled part in the figure below, which means that the diagnostic software can support the online programming function.

Note: In addition to North America, which is not supported, other regions can be set and operated according to the above method.
For devices other than China, the “Online Programming” menu option will not be displayed on the home page, and it will only appear after entering the corresponding diagnostic software.

Launch x431 Launch x431 Diagnostic Tool Comparsion

Launch X431 series just releases Diagun V. But many people may be confused about their difference.So this article compares Launch x431 diagnostic tool.

1. Launch X431 Diagun V vs Launch X431 Diagun VI

2. Launch Diagun V vs. Pro Mini:

* Function: same
* Diagun IV: looks like a mobile phone
* Pro mini: looks like a tablet.
* Price: Diagun IV is more cheaper than Pro mini.

3. Launch X431 V vs. X431 V+:

Launch x431 scan toolsLaunch X431 V+Launch X431 V

Operation systemAndroidAndroid
Screen size10.1 inch8 inch
Processor1.3GHz4 cores1.0GHz4 cores
Hard disk16GBSupport a 64GTF card16GBSupport a 64GTF card
Communicationwifi/4G modulewifi/4G module

Function: same

Size: X431 V 8inch X431 V+10.1 inch

Price: X431 V is cheaper


That’s no difference if you don’t have heavy truck diagnosis.

X431 V+ & HD model used for heavy truck diagnosis.

4. Launch X431 Pro Mini vs. Pros Mini:

No difference in function.

Only the calling and color are different.

5. Launch X431 Diagun IV vs. Snap-On Verus vs. Autel:

Launch X431 Diagun IV has the full bidirectional control capability.

There is nothing the versus scan tool can do that the Diagun cannot.

Sometimes you need a power Arsenal.

Turn on time:

Snap on =1:21

Autel = 0:37

Launch = 0:16

6. Launch x431 ThinkDiag vs Launch Easydiag 3.0 Plus

Launch Thinkdiag is more powerful than Launch Easydiag 3.0 plus.

Launch Easydiag 3.0 plus only support 4 systems. In contrast, Launch X431 Thinkdiag can support full systems.
Launch Easydiag 3.0 plus only support 70+ vehicles. On the contrary,Thinkdiag can support 150+ vehicles.That’s to say,around 95% of the car brands in the market are in its support list.
Launch Easydiag 3.0 plus can’t support full OBD2 functions. While Launch X431 Thinkdiag manage to do that.

7. X431 PAD vs X431 GDS vs X-431 Diagun III vs X431 IV vs X431 V (X-431 Pro) vs X431 V+ (X-431 Pro3)